The Etherdieum Product Line

Etherdieum Coin

Explore blockchain technology at its entirety with our ultra-interoperable, ERC-20 token-based Etherdieum coin. Devised to elevate in value and daily interest consistently!

Payment Gateway

The ultimate door to facilitate and actuate transactions of multitude of crypto and fiat currencies including BTC, ETH and TRX. Comprehensively decentralized.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Paramount destination to trade cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in the P2P way. Marinated with a plethora of trading features. A giant leap in terms of trading efficiency!

Video Telephony Application

Experience never-seen-before secure communication with our video telephony app, rooted at the heart of blockchain technology. Supports over 1000 participants. As reliable as it can get!

We Converge The Crypto Horizons At One Place

Etherdieum opens up a floodgates of opportunities, and is designed to steer forward the decentralization revolution into a global scale. The norm of the future is here!

Our Proficient Advantages
That Are Nothing Like Anything

Capital Appreciation

The presence of an astute ecosystem and a wide-ranging product line keeps Etherdieum’s signature cryptocurrency’s value in a skyrocketing ascension. A perfect investment vehicle!

Price Stability

Devised to attain the massive functionality of being used for day-to-day transactions, the Etherdieum coin and the exchange dodge volatility and anchor their stability with a terrific store-of-value!


Being entirely decentralized doesn’t need to be associated with being gregarious any more. Built with an undertone of simplicity, the complete set of proceedings is streamlined and extensively user-friendly.


Rooted under blockchain’s crevice, the Etherdieum ecosystem eliminates human interference entirely, and possesses literally zero probability of an occurrence of faulty transactions.

Versatile Utility

The presence of a diverse technological outreach transcends use case silos, and stamps the adaptability of Etherdieum as an all-encompassing system that doesn’t require third-party assistance of any sorts.

Advanced Technology

We draw our power from the Ethereum blockchain technology, arguably the most technically futuristic setup available till date. This enables us to reach monstrous transactional efficiency besides other perks.

Discover Our Community Staking Plans





Simultaneous entry into platform one of the X3 and X2 matrices

occurs automatically upon registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Etherdieum’s community staking pool is all about individuals pledging their coins and increasing their yield by introducing other members to the MLM program. A stellar and streamlined way to maximise the opportunity to amass the Etherdieum coin.

An investor needs a minimum of 10 Etherdieum coins to participate in the multidimensional ecosystem of the Etherdieum project.

All the users in your slots in the X2 staking plan are your personal referrals. The partners invited by you take places under you. User 1 refers to user 2, user 3 and user 4; 0.5% of the invested sum by user 2 and user 3 will be credited to User 1 on a daily basis. Meanwhile, 50% of the amount invested by User 4 will be deposited directly to User 1 and the remaining 50% will be used for the rebirth of the slot.

An overflow system is modelled from the above and the below. The X4 staking plan is even more profitable in terms of returns on investment. User 1 refers to User 2, User 3, User 4, User 5, and User 6. 0.5% of the sum invested by Users 2 and 3 is credited to the User 1 on a daily basis. Meanwhile, 50% of the amount invested by Users 4, 5, and 6 will be deposited directly to User 1 and the remaining 50% will be used for the rebirth of the slot.

The short answer is yes! Etherieum’s user-centric matrix plans enable a user to earn at a rate of 1% daily ROI for 100 days, even without referring anyone to the platform.

Considering current market sensibilities, the Etherdieum coin is expected to reach a value of over $100 in a matter of six months, all the way from the initial value of $1.

Over 1,000,000 Etherdieum coins are reserved for the purpose of the matrix plans, and aren’t influenced by any change in the influx/ deflux associated with the total supply of the coin.

Just visit our official website, click on the whitepaper button, to grab as much information as you need to know about our MLM staking plan.